Friday, March 18, 2011

Japanese Exodus. Is This The Beginning Of The End For The Island Nation?

"We are evacuating Tokyo," she said. "We are going to Hiroshima because it will be much safer there." She and husband Toshi, 40, had packed a huge suitcase full of clothes for their daughters Kathy, seven, Karen, two, and Noa, one, and didn't plan to return for at least 10 days.

"The government is hiding what's really happened," Mrs Nakayama said angrily. "It is windy today, and if the wind comes south the fallout will reach Tokyo. We have to get out. My friends are all worried too and many of them are also leaving."

As she spoke an exodus of women clutching small children and large bags was taking shape around her. "We are adults, and maybe we would be OK, but for the children the nuclear effects will be terrible," Mrs Nakayama said.

At the city's Narita Airport a queue for departures snaked for 200 yards with people lining up three abreast.


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