Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Seriously, see the bottom of the page:

Yep, since they're detecting low levels of radiation, this is apparently justification for turning off the monitors altogether, which of course is the kind of brilliant early warning plan that could have only been dreamed up by a brain-dead bureaucrat. It's as if these morons are sitting around a table having a conversation that goes something like this:

Bureaucratic Moron #1: Remember how we spent a hundred million dollars installing a national network of radiation detectors?

Bureaucratic Moron #2: Yeah.

Bureaucratic Moron #1: And remember how we started to detect some of the radioactive fallout from Fukushima as it began raining down upon Canada?

Bureaucratic Moron #2: Yeah.

Bureaucratic Moron #1: Well, I have a great idea. Let's turn OFF all the detectors so that we stop detecting radiation!

Bureaucratic Moron #2: That's brilliant! You're a genius!

Bureaucratic Moron #1: I know I am. And we wouldn't want to waste this expensive equipment, you know.

Bureaucratic Moron #2: Right, we want to save it for a scenario when we might really need it, eh?

Bureaucratic Moron #1: Exactly! And we'll save millions of dollars in operating fees, because the best way to save money on radiation detectors is to not use them.

Bureaucratic Moron #2: You're a genius! You should run for Prime Minister!

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  1. he already ran!!!

    and won!!!!



  2. Stop panicking, the levels detected are below normal background... you're all falling for the fear mongering, and building your fallout shelters like good little sheep.

  3. No one here is fear-mongering, just reporting what has actually happened. Fact: Fukushima is a category 7 nuclear event. Fact: radiation IS being detected in North America. Fact: For some inexplicable reason Canada has decided that this is a good time to turn off radiation detectors. Levels are NOT below normal background. As for the good little sheep; those who trust the government to look out for their best interests rather than take responsibility for themselves are the sheep. Sound like anyone you know?

  4. when one sheep goes over the cliff, the rest will follow too, I think I will stay the black sheep in this complacent society, you're getting nuked right now but don't stress... the levels are safe, just ask your government, oh yeah the EPA has raised the limits for "safe" radiation thousandfold, to keep their flock happy, USA, and Europe has raised "safe" level limits on Japanese imports so as to avoid food shortages, hmmm.... maybe next year when we shop we will be searching for "radiation free" brands

  5. They're just in panic mode now. I think they really believed that Chernobyl could not happen again. And then it happens. So what do you do? Panic.