Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apocalypse Now?

I have been getting some questions about why I haven't paid more attention to the 'rapture cult' currently entertaining us here in the West. Well, technically they a rapture enthusiasts, we don't do raptures here. No kids, we are Apocalypse Wave. We do poisoned water, chemtrails in the air, breakdown of values in society, armed (or unarmed) insurrections, rebellions, revolutions, radiation, the occasional suspicious political assassination, the odd UFO report and generally all things that matter (and anti-matter) to the sustenance of life on this planet. Geriatric jerk-offs who have a Jesus dude-love fixation or whatever on not really on the radar here. Please don't misunderstand, I have studied the New Testament for 20 years and have the utmost reverence and respect for Jesus and Paul and the other writers of the various books contained therein, I just wish all these misanthropic little turds who want so badly to see the end of the world would do us all a favor and eject themselves from it rather than subject us to their never-ending wish fulfillment fantasies about the rest of us all being tormented for eternity or being eaten by Slubgob or whatever. Look, you want the world to end you old poop? Fine, stick a garden hose over the end of your tailpipe and run the other end....well you get it. Just leave the rest of us alone fer cryin' out loud. there are enough goofy items in the news to distract us from the real shit going down without you adding to the circus.

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