Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Sometimes I really despise people. While I have developed a truly venomous hatred for only a tiny (deserving) few in my life, I have a somewhat less intense general dislike of humanity on the whole. I live in a country full of new immigrants and by and large I like them (the immigrants that is) a lot more than the "natural-borns". Which isn't to say they are better people in any real sense just that they are more interesting, at least in the short term.
I am fed up with my species really. There is no other way to say it. Einstein once said "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." Have to agree with Al on that one.
Let's look at some recent (or the results of) stupidity in the news lately.
1. Obama has approved exploration and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
2. Fukushima, might be contained in 30 years.
3. The Al Queda flag is flying in Libya.
4. Euro-zone bailouts.
5. Cops are shooting American servicemen in uniform at the occupy protests.
6. US troops now on the ground in Africa.
7. Executive bonuses have gone higher.
The only explanations for the above are a) stupidity b) psychopathy.
1.We will start at the top; the BP mess is still floating around killing most everything in its path and there are credible reports that the original Deepwater Horizon leak is not actually stopped. There are also reports that the sea floor in the gulf is now considered to be unstable and not safe for drilling.
2. These guys crack me up. Worst nuke accident in history (mark my words this is FAR worse than Chernobyl) "let's put a tent over it!" Out of sight out of mind - you go dudes. I used to think our politicians were lying scumbuckets but the Japanese have got us beat in that sphere too - who knew? What they really need to say is "Attention people of Japan! We're fucked. Clear out. Give Canada a call they might take you"
3. Aren't these the guys we have spent billions fighting in Afghanistan? Aren't they the ones who purportedly attacked the WTC 10 years ago? We just helped this bunch overthrow the govt of the country with the highest standard of living in Africa and murder its leader.
4. Again, too gutless to tell the truth. "Greece owes more than it can ever pay. Ireland too. Portugal too. Spain too. Italy could probably come up with the scratch but they wont so we're fucked. Clear out. Give Canada a call they might take you."
5. Memo to the cops. The marines are coming and they are mad at you.
6. Really America? Another military action? Why don't you just let Petraeus move into the Oval Office and be done with it. You can't actually pay for the wars you started ten years ago. I know the American upper classes don't give a shit about the common folks but hasn't it occurred to them that even the rich will start having to pay for this nonsense sooner or later?
7. People are actually rioting in the streets. ACTUALLY RIOTING IN THE STREETS These fuckwits sat in their boardrooms and said "Let's give ourselves some raises shall we?" I heard somewhere this week that BMW plants are running at 110% capacity to try to meet demand. Hey rich dudes we can't eat your Beemer but we can eat you. Slow roasted on a spit over bundles of credit default swaps and derivatives. Marinated in Ambre Topkapi (As the second most expensive cologne in the world, Topkapi contains Bergamot, grapefruit, pineapple, melon, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg ginger, and so much more!) Seasoned with sage too, I like sage.
The average person even if aware of the shit going down around him is too preoccupied with his video games, Cheez Doodlz and Dancing With The Sluts to care.
The occupy movement is hopeless, they really are. there are already rumblings about a world bank to keep the financial industry in check. Good grief! Just put a pistol to your heads now or better yet wait till Monday and the NYC cops will likely do it for you if they are approached in the right way.

Not quite finished with this but it is very late and I'm even less lucid than usual.
Yes I know the pic isn't exactly appropriate to the post but carving these pumpkins was the only creative thing I did all week so you SHALL be subjected to the results whether you like it or not;)

More to come
Sleep well Apocalyptoids...

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