Monday, July 23, 2012

Shamelessly Stolen From The Comments At Clusterfuck Nation

POLITICAL SCIENCE 101 FASCISM: A political system wherein political power is held by a consortium of corporate interests and their chosen government representatives, acting in concert to further their mutual self-interest. AKA the final stage of capitalism. VAMPIRE CAPITALISM: A form of Fascism wherein Banksters suck the lifeblood out of all productive economic sectors leaving behind only dry husks blowing in the wind. DEMOCRACY: A political system wherein political power is held by and wielded for the benefit of the majority of the citizenry. AKA a theoretical concept that precedes centralization of propaganda and mass communication. CONSPIRACY THEORY: A wildly improbable explanation of events fabricated by the Government to cover its own malfeasance and repeated by the mass media until it becomes accepted as fact. FREE MARKET: A state that exists in virtual reality but disappears instantly when the first market transaction occurs. RULE OF LAW: The rule that states that laws apply only to those who haven’t bothered to purchase Justice. ELECTORAL PROCESS: The system whereby candidates spout delusionary promises and winners are selected by Diebold computers programmed to produce the desired result. EMPIRE: A political/economic system that maintains military bases on nations outside its national territory for the purpose of extracting wealth from the subject states for the benefit of the Empire. ENERGY RESERVE: A resource located on foreign territory that can be obtained by clandestine regime change or direct military action. INTELLECTUAL: Someone who engages in endless debate about what the world would be like if only there were no such thing as class stratification, monopoly of force, mass communication, propaganda, war, and human evil. ECONOMIST: Someone who believes that actions in the economic system can best be described by complex mathematical equations as long as all the underlying assumptions have never existed in any known universe. LIBERAL: Someone who wishes everyone would have a nice day, as long as they can make junior partner in their law firm by defending Monsanto’s patents on the entire world’s gene pool. CONSERVATIVE: Someone who believes that the only proper role of Government is to initiate nuclear warfare and thus bring on the Rapture. REVOLUTIONARY: Someone who downloads music on the Internet without paying for it. FACEBOOK: A system wherein potential Enemies of the State (AKA all US citizens) provide personal information to enable Homeland Security to assess their threat level and identify Friends who need to be placed on surveillance lists. HOMELAND SECURITY: The operative arm of Facebook, charged with elimination of all Enemies of the State placed on the Predator Kill List approved by the President.

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