Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Revolution Is Here

Well troops the big moment is here.
Now is the time.
You  believe the 99% were going to change something?  Maybe you thought Obama was going to make America a place where the ordinary person can get a fair shake again. Nope. There are huge changes coming in the West and they are coming soon. You will not like them.
Life will hurt.
The changes will begin in earnest around the first week of January 2013. That's right Apocalyptoids, the Bladerunner is officially assigning a date to the coming events. I can also tell you that the first great impact into the material world from the Other Side will involve some very large banks. Also a dark haired man who is short in stature with an olive complexion, he'll be from the south of Europe.
Barrack Obama is also up to his ears in this but I believe the public will learn very little of what role he actually plays in this (read between the lines). The battle lines of the revolution will start to become clear by March 2013.
More to come.
As always, sleep well Apocalyptoids.

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