Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Little Heads-Up About My Forthcoming Book

I am in the final stages of preparing my new book for publication. It is called "The Hard Truth About The Spirit World".
What are spirits, ghosts and ghouls?
What is the truth about the legends of supernatural beings from around the world?
Is there really something in the closet or under the bed?
What does the pentagon and MI5 know about the supernatural?
Is there really an epidemic of demonic presences in America today?
Shocking revelations about the Djinn and Shadowpeople.
After consultations and instruction from diverse sources such as the Catholic church, Native American healers and one Imam the information you need to understand this phenomenon is now almost ready.
Eyewitness accounts, government documents and personal experiences of the author all add up to one inescapable conclusion; the spirit world is real and it is here, now and it wants something from us.

Information about pre-orders will be available soon.

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