Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pope Francis, St. Malachi, And A Replay Of Pope John Paul I?

   I find this new Pope Francis, to be very interesting. I believe him to be a good man. I believe him to be a better man than his two recent predecessors. He is a Jesuit as many have pointed out and this is an uncomfortable fit with the Vatican establishment.
    How on earth did this man get elected? He nearly was elected during the previous conclave. If he is the man to wright the Vatican ship he will face a great many challenges and quickly. He is the antithesis of what we have come to think of in these times as "Papal". After an actor/rockstar pope and an effete intellectual he seems a humble man of the people. Questions around his inaction during the kidnappings a purges of Argentina's recent past must be dealt with quickly and effectively if he is to maintain his moral authority.
   Will he end up as John Paul I did? I believe the odds are against him right now. Predicting the future is a fool's game I know but this situation has a very murky future. Not able to see how this one will play out. For millions of Catholics the next 9 months or so will be fascinating to watch.
According to the prophecies of St Malachi this is the last Pope. Unclear how the motto "Peter The Roman" (Petras Romanus) fits into the picture. He does not have any variation of the name 'Peter' in his family's name nor any religious order he has belonged to. Likewise 'Rome' does not seem to have any quickly discernible connection to Francis. The prophecies of St. Malachi can be obscure at times, particularly at the emergence of a new pope. Perhaps time will tell. 
More to come. Sleep well Apocalyptoids.

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