Monday, June 3, 2013

THIS NEEDS TO BE REPOSTED NOW. Spread the hand! Spread the word!

A New Symbol Of Worldwide Protest

May I suggest, in this time of trouble and worldwide protest, a new symbol for the resistance. An open hand, fingers spread wide. This hand will symbolize our new openness. Symbolically it will show we have no weapon and most importantly it will show our determination and readiness to grasp and hold the power that all levels of business, finance and government attempt daily to keep from us. Wherever people gather be it the G20, Bilderberg, Greece, Ireland, China, may we all raise our open hands in defiance of the powers that be.
Raise your hand for freedom! Raise your hand to question authority! Raise your hand for peace! Raise your hand for proper food! Raise your hand for clean air and water! Raise your hand for the poor! Raise your hand for the middle class! Raise your hand for the indigenous people of the world! Raise your hand and say "I do NOT accept your wars! I do NOT accept your oppressive regime!" Raise your hand and say "I do NOT accept your police brutality and your attempts to install oppressive regimes in free countries!"

"True power can only be grasped with an open hand." Raise not your fist. Raise your hand.

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