Sunday, September 15, 2013

A New WTF? Moment To Share

I must admit, boys and girls, this one caught me off guard this fine morning.
   I have been of the opinion for some years now that, in the great scheme of things, it really does not matter who the perpetrators of the vile attacks on 9/11. The real issue for me was the fact that the US federal govt. gleefully picked up the ball from the wreckage and ran full steam to goal line of totalitarianism by passing the Patriot Act virtually unread or debated. In the long run the crimes committed against the American people and indeed the people of the free world because of the draconian response may well be greater than the terrorist act itself. Time will tell. The video below puts a whole new wrinkle in the fabric of my personal belief systems however. It is a rare thing for the Bladerunner to exclaim Oh My God! whilst sipping the morning's java yet that is exactly what I did when I watched a video of the plane hitting the South Tower sent to me by a reader. The vid below is not the same one I was sent for reasons I can't go into here but I dug around a little for y'all and found a decently viewable substitute. Pause the video at the 0:20 mark, you will see the left wing of the plane disappear BEHIND a building in the background! Watch it at normal speed, then watch it to 0 :20, then rewind and watch it again. More to come, I assure you. Sleep well Apocalyptoids.


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