Saturday, February 1, 2014

Taking On The Dark

Hi kids! Long time readers of this here blog will know that it was always intended as a tongue in cheek catch-all for end of the world news in the past. It has become apparent that some kind of calamitous 'event' is looming on the horizon. This may come as a surprise to some but I don't believe in The Apocalypse. That is, if by apocalypse, we are talking about God coming down from the sky full of wrath and teargas to cleanse the planet of our evil ways. There are some signs that some type of major event is going to rock our collective world however.
#1 CHEMTRAILS  They seem to be everywhere now. Somebody is making an enormous effort to modify something but what? The soil? The climate? The air? The people? Why?
#2 THE PACIFIC  Put simply, it appears to be dying. From Japan to British Columbia there is an unprecedented die-off of all forms of sea life taking place. Fukushima is spewing a gigantic plume of radiation into the air and water and no one knows what to do about it.  This has grave implications in the short term for our food supply and an even bleaker outlook long term with regards to weather patterns and oxygen production.
#3 OIL PRODUCTION Tar Sands and fracking - google 'em. Oh yeah there is talk now of "some limited nuclear fracking".
#4 THE ECONOMY STUPID The teetering financial house of cards that we call the economy. What can I say about this? Gotta admit it has lasted longer than many pundits thought it would including yours truly. Who knew the Federal Reserve could keep pumping 85 billion units of adrenaline into the patient for so long? This thing should have gone down the shitter when the real estate bubble burst in 2008. All that can be said here with any confidence is that when it falls it is going to fall hard.
Feeling cheery yet? I'm not going to tell anyone to become some half-assed  prepper or anything but it seems to me that the pillars of modern life are a bit too rickety to just keep on keepin' on as if nothing is wrong. The fact is the world is broken. However you want to define 'world'. Gaia  is sick, governments are paralyzed by indifference and incompetence and most of the sheeple are preoccupied with the trivial (to put it mildly). Look up and down your street. 90% of the people you see are up to speed on the antics of Rob Ford and Justin Bieber but most will not have heard of fracking, the Keystone pipeline or the continuing catastrophe in the Pacific.
With this in mind we are now going to veer off in new trajectory here at the ole Wave. Pointing out to one and all who is responsible for this mess. Things don't just happen. I have been sitting on information for some time that I now wish to share with the world. I warn you, some what comes your way here in the next few weeks is going to seriously challenge your worldview. Good. Come along for the ride. We're about to blow the doors off the Great Wall Of Disinformation and stir up the Matrix good.

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