Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ukraine/Russia Smell that? That's the smell of a whole lot of sumfin' hitting a very large fan.

Right Wing Nationalists = Fascists Mark my words we are going to end up on the wrong side of this thing.
Trying to learn what is going on in Ukraine/Russia. Watching the conventional news channel on TV for the first time in over a year. What absolute shit this is. Is this what passes for journalism now? Only the BBC and CBC have the thinnest pretense of objectivity. CNN is Laughably Latte Liberal on just about every issue with talking heads who don't even seem to have a rudimentary understanding of geopolitics. Every other "News" outlet seems to be preoccupied by every fluff story about the Oscars they can find. ABSOLUTE CRAP. The networks can't understand why nobody watches anymore? Really?

CNN has just declared that Russia has invaded Ukraine. The fact that this region is overwhelmingly ethnic Russian makes me wonder; how the hell do they know? "Holy crap! Southern Ukraine is full of Russians! What the hell happened!" "Must have been an invasion."

It  may be that Russia wants to deploy it's forces in the Crimea region to stabilize the nuclear missile silos scattered all over the region. Many forget that after the fall of communism the Ukraine became the world's 4th largest nuclear power.

Stay tuned Apocalyptoids, we're on this.

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