Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden "Killed"

Are we to actually believe the Bolivian govt in 1967 did a better job of proving that "public enemy #1" was dead than the mighty USA can do in 2011? Really? Buried at sea? How stupid do they think we are? Just a coincidence that Obama's re-election machine is beginning to gear up? Is it just a coincidence that the US-led multiple wars are escalating? Just a coincidence the dollar is crashing? Gas and oil prices in the USA are going into the stratosphere? Americans have a tragic tendency to rally round the Prez whenever violence is imminent, well be prepared. Massive violence is imminent. This will be used as a pretext for a huge increase in military action in the middle east by western powers. Don't get me wrong, Bin Laden is dead. Thing is, he has been dead since December 2001. Died of kidney failure. There are a series of photos showing (convincingly I might add) that the Bin Laden death photos were faked. Too gruesome to post here but they are not hard to find. Let's just say the past decade's Emmanuel Goldstein is dead and be done with it. Long live the next Emmanuel Goldstein.

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