Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What The Hell Is Going On?!!!!

In the past 72 hours or so we have seen in the news the Miami Zombie attack, a man in Ohio charges with chewing the face off a live kitten, a New Jersey man skinning himself alive and then throwing his own intestines at police, and now a Canadian case where a psychopath has killed and dismembered a person on camera and mailed some of the body parts to the major political parties in the capital. Google the stories, they are horrific. Is this really the end times? This blog has always had a (mostly) tongue in cheek approach to the idea that we are living in the end-times but this lunacy is really making me wonder if there is not some larger evil at work in the world. Seriously, what's going on? Don't comment below if you are going to say "it's the drugs" I don't want to hear anymore bullshit excuses about bath salts. I don't want to hear any excuses about the internet being the cause of this mania. Listen to me carefully there is something lurking at the edges of our society, maybe I should say there WAS something lurking, now it is some kind of full blown infestation. I will ruminate on the developments over the next 24 hours and be back with a more thorough examination of the situation. Sleep well (with the lights on) Apocalyptoids.

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