Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blood, Lust and Sickness

Luka Magnotta is truly deranged, Obvious no? I can't help but see this sick fuck as part of a larger, perhaps species wide, contagion.I debated long and hard as to whether or not to post still photos taken from the 'One lunatic, One Ice pic' video and decided against it. The video itself is not hard to find since the explosion of publicity around the case. I found it a few days ago after about five minutes of searching. I'll take this opportunity to stress I did NOT watch the video for reasons that I will explain below. I did, however view some still photos taken from the video just to get the sense of the reality of the act committed by Magnotta. As I said, they will not be copied here. I am a no-bullshit kind of guy. So let's boil this all down to the most basic FACTS. We all have heard the news of the "Miami Zombie", the self mutilation of the intestine tosser in New Jersey and various other nut-fuck whackos around North America in the past few weeks. Now the basic facts are PEOPLE ARE BEGINNING TO EAT EACH OTHER. WTF? you say? Has the Bladerunner finally gone over the edge? Maryland, Montreal and (hmmm...) Miami; all related by recent cases of cannibalism and necrophilia in at least one of the cases. Just to add to this mix there was a recent court case in Ontario involving an interest in necrophilia on the part of one of the killers and also the case of Col. Russell Williams.(Google this stuff yourselves,I'm not interested in promoting any of these assholes.) I don't believe in the Mayan prophecies (sorry to disappoint)or the Biblical account of the end-times but I do believe in Nature. Now, nature has a way of dealing with a species that has outgrown the ability of its environment to cope with the stress of sustaining said species. Think lemmings, think herds of buffalo rushing headlong off a cliff or an overpopulation of sea creatures coming ashore to die in the sand and waves. I think we are a culture that has reached the end of its tether and there is a strong possibility that we as a species are destined for a cull. There seems to be a deep need for some of those that walk among us to CONSUME others whether by proxy or nonphysical domination, through various types of pornography (don't forget Magnotta was a self-styled porn star) or actual cannibalism. Necrophilia and cannibalism are universally found by civilized people to be absolutely revolting. I don't care if you are a Bedouin or a Cossack or an Argentine cowboy, it is just plain wrong. Sick. That is why I believe this is some kind of end game. Natural selection saying "humanity, you have lost your raison d'etre". The species is unraveling in front of our eyes, like the people of Easter Island-RapaNui who when their culture burned to a cinder turned on each other and consumed until there was nothing (and no-one) left. How many warning shots across the bow does humanity need? In truth I despair for the young people, the few who have more sensitivity than a block of cheese, they will inherit a world that has been shaped in part by the necrophiles and cannibals we have seen in the news. There are school children talking in the schoolyards about the Miami Zombie the Guy who chopped up the other dude with an icepick in Montreal, some have even watched the videos. You can't even estimate the psychic damage that be done to a child from seeing these images. That is why, in the end, I decided not to watch the videos or post the photos. I will not be part of the contagion. Sleep well Apocalyptoids.

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